Academic Advising

Computer Science majors are encouraged to seek advice from their advisor whenever they have questions about their progress, grades or courses. The sources for advice are: The department coordinator, your faculty academic advisor, and the Computer Science program director. All undergraduate students (freshman, sophomore, and so on) have been assigned a faculty advisor. The following document lists these assignments: Faculty Advisors list for 2017 Spring Semester

Each semester Prime Time, an academic advising period preceding advance registration for the next semester, is used to advise all CSE majors who are juniors. The basic idea is that students can often be given useful advice at this stage to avoid problems later on that may delay their graduation.

Faculty are assigned Computer Science students to advise. During Prime Time juniors will receive, by mail, a packet which includes an advisory form, detailed information and the name of the student's advisor. Students may inquire with the undergraduate secretary to find out which faculty member they are assigned to and to make arrangements for advising.

Students may arrange to speak to the program director if they have not been assigned an academic advisor.




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